30 Pages...Of Bullshit?

Well, I looked back over to see when the blogs started after the second fire. 30 pages of blogs have been made in that 8 week span. That is 720 blogs or 13 blogs a day, about half of a page. About 1/3 to 1/2 of these blogs deal with the bullshit changeover. Another 1/3 or more are pointless bullshit.

So, with maybe 20 quality blogs that have been written here in the last two months, I ask: Is it really worth it to sort through bullshit for a rare gem? Seems pointless to me. The blog section that gleamed so gallantly such a short time ago will reach it's one year anniversary  in a short time and it will be pointless. This section is dead. I urge you to meet up with the old crew in the blog section of the new site. If not, whatever, the main people are there but a couple of the supporting cast is missing. Hopefully I will see you there.

I am NoHate and I hate you.

Uploaded 03/25/2009
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