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How To Get Featured On EBW


First off you need to post quality content.


If you find media somewhere on the web, use the eBaumsworld search box to check if the media has been submitted by a previous user.


This will save you time, keep the site clean of junk, and give you a better chance at posting something worth being featured on the main page.



Do not post media with another sites watermarks all over it, keep it fresh and nameless. I believe media with watermarks on it should not even be considered feature material.



Don't brag about the media you submitted. (e.g. sending mass pm's through group messages, that just pisses people off and %99 of the time you will not get featured.



(The top 5 users of the day) is a great way to get your name out, but quit abusing it. I see the same users on it everyday. You are submitting content because you think it will get you a ton of features. It doesn't work that way. Give that up, find a couple of the best videos you want to submit, and BOOM you have a better chance, instead of re-posting and submitting bullshit.


(And make sure your punctuation is correct, and give it an exiting title)


As one said, "It's Quality over Quantity".





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