god dang vidyea games

i fucking hate losing!

fuckin ay. tryin to play halo with my bf and he keeps pwning me

why do i suck at life and video games? oh and cooking. god, tryed to make burgers on the grill bbut we'reĀ  out of buns so i had to make nigger burgers and put them on sliced of bread. needless to say, they tasted like burnt shit on bread, but at least the fries i made were good, too bad we're out of ketchup.

so now i sit here, bored, and kinda hungry. i want a coke but all we have is RC, someone told me that was mexican pop lol but alot of white people buy it, i know this because i work in a grocery store in a town with mostly white people. if you wanna get technical there are about 44 negros in this town. and about 6 asians.

still no success with the quitting smoking, but i'm gonna actually try this time, since the pirces are going up AGAIN wtfffffffff

anyways, i gotta pick my nose, and i guess i'll get off my ass and put an RC in the freezer.

peace and love


Uploaded 03/26/2009
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