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New Late Nigh Show host, Jimmy Fallon


So a few weeks ago or whatver when jimmy fallon took over i was really surprised to find that he was the chosen one, i figured carson daly would be the next runner up, but i guess not, what does everyone think of jimmy fallon? do you think he will last? i personally dont think he is very funny, and im still trying to figure out why he was randomly chosen. With Conan im curious to see how he does, i thought he was hilarious on late night, but idk if he will be same, do you think they will allow him to use as much adult humor as he used to? and before i end this..........why the fuck is there still a last call with carson daly? who the fuck watches that? i really want to see the ratings of that show, gah carson fucking sucks




Kyle22 Uploaded 03/31/2009
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