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Why Does Everybody Love Eastside_Dave?


what's up with that, why is it that eveyone knows and loves eastside dave, he has so many people on his buddy list, does he ask you or do people ask him to be his buddy, and i see his comments everywhere on both users' profiles and media on this site, and i noticed he gets sooo many subscribers, why, i mean he doesn't even submit the good media he used to, and sure i have noticed everyone talking shit about  ebaum taking everyoners' pictures and videos, well so does eastside dave and i have been on this site for so many years and never have i heard even one complaint about eastside dave taking people's submissions, and every comment he posts gets rate up even if it is the shittiest comment on this site, and one more thing,  why does everybody want to join his groups, like if it is the most random group created on this website he gets so many people to join,why!!!!!

CrazyAssVato Uploaded 04/04/2009
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