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.....About Porn And Boob Loving Groups On This Site.....


yeah yeah, i have joined and seen many groups on this damn web site, and some of them are groups about porn or pussy and boob loving groups, and i have noticed after a day there would be about 30 group members, i know because i created a group about big boobs, and man is it getting alot of people to join, and while any other topic for a group would get an average of aroun 2 or 3 members after only the a day of having that group, and just to note, the most popular group on this site has over 700 group members,i give it a good guess, what do you think the group is about ......... yes, jailbait or pron or what ever you call it,  and yeah the same person who created the most popular group on this website only submits jailbait, says if you enjoy jailbait, then subscribe to me, and he has around 87 subscribers, is this website that perverted!!!!!

CrazyAssVato Uploaded 04/04/2009
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