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Let the Haters Hate

OK seriously, I'm really tired of this. This is mostly directed at, but not limited to, wallboy and Stent. Get over the fact nobody likes you. We all know it, you don't need to blog about it. Stent, juggalos are fucking fags. It is not cool to be an inbred clown. Are you that retarded? You need to learn how to spell too. We know you're in fifth grade, but there is that magical tool called spell check, I suggest using it. Wallboy, what the fuck is your problem? Just like stent, you need to quit bitching about how people don't like you. We all have our haters, let 'em hate. We all hate somebody, and somebody(or more than one person) hates us, get over it.
Ihavenolife999 Uploaded 04/08/2009
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