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Why I'm not a vegitarian.

In the words of Maynard Keenan, life feeds on life. Plants are living organisms just as much as animals, according to common belief, niether have a soul, but both have a spirit. If you take a plant from the earth and consume it, your just as much a murderer as one who consumes the flesh of an animal. Vegans just try to justify the taking of plant life by stating that is is without consciousness. Yet, would you pull the plug on a person who is totally brain-dead? Vegitarians live on this double standard. Humans are takers of life, the size of the life is suplimental. I'll eat my beef, venison, lamb, fish,chicken, alligator, and (dare I say) Veal, and I will savor each bite knowing that I'm not making excuses about being one who takes life.
Jagz Uploaded 04/10/2009
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