Questions and Awnsers about erep prizez

All Ebaumsworld Users

Alot of people been asking/bitching /complaining on are they gonna get their prizes or not. Well, here is some good news, Yes you will. like the the old crew you still get the confirmation email. But Things are fucked up, reason being the turn over in staff. They have a listing, but no adresses were kept on record when you claim the prizes. So Please give the Staff some time. I just got an email today. " my Son just shat himself", sorry typing as I think . They Are working as fast is possible to get the the prizes out. Now you ask " Dread that kiss ass is giving face for the site" why yes I am and guess what? Just got two prizes in, both gift cards.


Now some prizes take longer than others so bear with it and suck it up, you'll get em. It took me 5 months to get the GPS. That was the old staff. And I am impressed 3 months from claiming just claimed.

Just have patience, The site isn't just about prizes........Its about being the best on the web.

Need an guidance feel free to PM me.



Uploaded 04/17/2009
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