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wallboy loves cock





April 18, 2009 07:51 am


RE: old fuck


Sure, I wanna play with your shrivelled up balls! You started shit with me now lets swirl it around in my asshole and add some of your hot cum. From what I've seen of your previous posts you are someone I would love to suck off. Some how folks on this blog section aren't so sure you're even a woman and I know for a fact you're a man but I'm ok with that because I love sucking dick. I'm pretty convinced though you're at least a bitch, no doubt there but I like getting fucked to. Howsabout posting another of your, " so-and-so is a skank" blogs. Go ahead and make my morning will ya? I just love to see the younger generation Xers flex their dick muscles like manly men. Stand in front of the mirror some more and try to look "pretty" for me. Tucking the sagging little "thingy" between your legs? Shaved it lately? Like the kreapy d00d in Silence of the Lambs, "It puts on the lotion and does what it's told!" Well I have YOUR little dog here pinkie and I won't let go of it's neck any time soon! Now if you wanna fuck me hard in the ass, break out some toys, there's plenty in the night stand next to your bed. They are a little greasy and some bowell stuck to them but they are there aren't they? AREN"T THEY! hey, this is good, I' writing this shit down...





April 19, 2009 02:51 am


I'm gay


I would love to suck your cock,OMG I just need somebody's cum in my mouth!

I like to put stuff in my butt. I wish you could fuck my hard in my ass,please.

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