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Prizes Have Begun To Go Out... I Got Mine


There has been a post in the Ebaums forums that prizes have started going out. And they are right. I have received my prize. A lot of people contact me to ask if I have received mine so I thought I would just make a blog to announce that I did and to hang in you guys will get yours. Its been a long wait but they are making good.

I claimed my prize many months before the old staff changed to the new staff. I redeemed before Christmas of last year! So I think the new Zvue crew are getting it together and making good on the hard work of their members.

If anyone else has received post and let us know. They just started going on the 17th so if you are getting yours in the mail it may take longer then mine as mine was sent through my e-mail.

CarGirl Uploaded 04/19/2009
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