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I read a good blog by Platypuss about why she uploads content on here.  I have to agree with her that the solution to every problem in life is to spark a fatty.

That being said, I have to also agree with a response to her blog by DreaD08 regarding quality over quantity.

There are numerous users on here who upload the maximum of 25 per day, some of which (by "some" I mean "all") do this to clock maximum eReps, with hopes of getting featured.


I would deal with this issue.

We need to develop an eReps reward system that does not only reward users for uploading any media available on the face of the planet such as music videos (for the love of God please stop fucking uploading these...this is not MTV), SNL clips, and fucking ridiculous clown rap shit, but one that rewards users for uploading quality content.

How about an additional system of rewards being based on the number of uploads relative to uploads featured?  If you have a ratio of one upload to one upload featured, you should be rewarded like a motherfucker (that's got to be something close to a 90% success rate).

I don't see a down side to this idea.  If any of you do, please comment.  If any of you don't, please comment.  If you don't want to comment, please comment and let me know what you think.



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