so for the most part all the members of the blog section have a relatively good repertoire with each other. thats not to say we all like each other or that we dont have our differences, but generally speaking we deal and move on. ever so often though, we get one of these whiney little turds that wants to talk a bunch of shit to people then get all pissy when we fire back.

 let it not be said that the users dont enjoy a little shit talking, we live for it. what we wont stand for is some cockbag hurling baseless insults with the spelling, grammatical, and maturity of a special ed class. you wanna get in the mix and run your mouth? great. learn to fucking spell first. or at the very least write your blog in word, run the spellcheck, then copypaste it onto ebaums. voila! half your problem is solved! now all you have to do is stop being such a pussy when people fire back at you (and they will).

youre run of the mill 'youre gay', suck my fat cock', 'let me put this veiny monster in your ass' insults arent gonna work numbnuts. be intelligent and original. that way, even if someone doesnt like you, they might at least come to the conclusion your not some jerkoff 12 yr old furiously blogging away with no pants on while he jacks off to anime and blows his load in his mommies panty drawer. youre abiltiy to convey your intelligent thought articulately gives an impression of who you are. youre retarded blogs and half wit comebacks are the equivalent of hitting on a hot girl when you have a lazy eye and a jew fro.

anyway, im probably just wasting my time. more than likely youre going to continue to blog retarded and were gonna continue to give you shit and eventually, youll get tired and leave. youre not the first, its happened many times before. normally i dont even take the time to write a serious blog like this. id generally just hurl the witty insults in your comment section while making a mental list of household objects i hope you get raped in the ass with. so take this blog as you will. we have no heirarchy or 'circle jerk' (someones projecting) here but what we do have is standards. meet them or kindly fuck yourself in the ass with a kitchen knife

Uploaded 05/10/2009
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