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Taking a hint from plati cant remember her name sorry but she wants better blogs and I am here to step up to the plate. I want to stress the importance of the point system we have on here. I now have 67,340 points and am now eligible to take the ebaum jet anywhere I want and this is why I come on here. I heard the chicks dig a guy with a bigggg number and well I am that guy. Last week I took the yacht out but I almost got jacked by the pirates out there but thank God ebaums keeps a large amount of blog bombs on the big boat, it was if they would never run out and it is what saved me so keep writing. I can only imagine the size and number of blog bombs the plane has. I also want to go on record and let everyone to know I am an emo  Extra Manly Ooooh.

Keep saving those points so you too can be on a boat or plane and fire a few bombs.


Thanks for reading EMO



bohankeeton Uploaded 05/10/2009
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awesome collection of funny monkeys/ videos pictures galleries and gifs