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The Thumbs Down Wonder


It amazes me that someone has the time and energy to spend hours upon hours here thumbing stuff down and rating single star reviews. I could care less about getting a negative strike against a comment (or in this case, blog), and I doubt anyone else does either.


This little community of bloggers and writers are different from your run-of-the-mill user who comes to ebaumsworld. We tend to care more about intelligently written pieces than we do what video featured a semi-funny outcome or the earning of those dreaded eRep points. Sure, we're generally ignored by the staff who "run" this place, but that's pretty much the way I like it.  


So enjoy your mediocrity, young buck. I hope the countless hours spent in your room all by your lonesome were worth it. My guess is you'll grow tired of this little game way before we do.


Thanks a get to the thumbing down part!


-The Big Bad

the_big_bad Uploaded 05/13/2009
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