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"That's so gay"


I just realized that anytime someone asks if what they do is "gay", I will tell them "No, it's only gay to be sexually attracted to a person of the same sex". Yet I have a problem with people complaining about the phrase "That's so gay". Everytime someone says they have a problem with people saying "That's so gay", my automatic response is to tell them their complaint is gay! (I hate PC bullshit)


And I finally realized what it is... Although I agree with certain things not being "gay" when people say it is, I just can't stand you fags telling me how to talk! STFU and go suck a dick. You only make me want to say the phrase even more.


Anyway, I'm curious... are there any gay people out there who finds "That's so gay" offensive. And tell me, did you always find it offensive or do you just recently find it offensive, now that a bunch of people are saying it should be considered offensive?

fiveonefiveoh Uploaded 05/13/2009
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