Dirty Whore of a Site

I know I'm not the only person that has had problems with this site. Not only does it consistently cause my computer to freeze up when I visit it, but it also has this annoying habit of giving me viruses. It's like a damned dirty whore: It keeps giving me "gifts" I don't want, yet I keep wanting to come back and let it fuck me all over again because it's that good. It seems to me several people have this problem. The people running this site don't seem to have any qualms about letting this situation continue as if nothing's wrong here. It's possible the only way to get anyone to take care of anything around here would be for everyone to quit coming to the site. But everyone already knows there's no way in hell that's going to happen (I refer you my previous "whore" statement). Hell, I doubt I could even keep myself from coming back. Much like drugs and sex, this place is fucking addictive, is it not? Whether you come merely to peruse and make the odd comment, socialize with others because they're the only people who get your sense of humor, or to troll because it's a wonderful outlet for your insecurities and ridiculous harangues, you keep coming back because you crave more. Thus we have ourselves a paradox, ladies and gentlemen. We don't want to have to deal with viruses and the like, we want the people running the site to fix it, but we keep coming back due to the irresistible nature of the site and it's doubtful the problems will be fixed if the numbers remain consistent regardless of the problems. I know and you know that this blog will make no difference in the matter. Hell, it's unlikely anyone will read past the dirty whore part because it's so boring and wordy. But, I figure, what the hell, if I'm going to continue to get fucked over and over, I may as well get the joy of telling people about it, right? Fucking A!

Uploaded 05/14/2009
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