What the FUCK is goin on round dis Biatch??

holy shit you cocksuckers!!! what has been goin down my blog brothas and sistas?? alot has happened to ol' jackass since the Great Exodus. i have been laid off, joined the Texas National Guard, and started going back to school online to become a computer programmer. the fuck you say. and i say FUCK.

i have decided that if the other site wants to keep banning me for "verbal abuse in the forum" or "posting bannable content" they can suck my asshole till my dick inverts into a second belly button. PLUS I HEARD DIRTSANCHEZ WAS ON PERMABAN!!! who the fuck green ligjhted THAT fucking project?? thats rid of peanut butter because it has salmonella in it! i mean IT FUCKIN TASTES GOOD!!! my JIF and my DirtySanchez are never to be thrown out.

Big Bad told me some of you bitches need to be shown a thing or two so i will be posting pics later of my thing and number two. until a dick. i hate all of you.

Uploaded 05/15/2009
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