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Checkin the male


After reading big bad's blog, i remembered something quite shocking. At the time, i was maybe... 15 im gonna guess, and i was to get the mail. Again, the mail cubicle things, same deal. there was an old man on a walker, fiddling with the key, trying to open his mailbox. Me, being "Such a great help" decided to help him out.

When i open his mailbox, all his mail fell out onto the ground. I guess i was a bit clumsy with that... it resulted in the most awkward moment, possibly, in my entire life. Their was a wrapped magazine in the mix. It was in a black bag, with red lettering on it. I guess i didnt make any notice of it, but he opened it right in front of me. He actually offered me money to not tell anyone, because i guess he had some kind of reputation as being this nice, carefree fellow. I took the 5 dollars, (cheapass) and split.

     Thanks for making me re-live this, bigbad!



KevinMp Uploaded 05/16/2009
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