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Intersection Intercourse.


Ok, so my newest rant is about people who seem to love interestions when they are driving, They love them so much infact that during times of high volume traffic these people go out into the intersection, stop behind the car in front of them thus blocking the people from their right and left... this is especially annoying when their light turns red, the car behind them has pulled up all the way to stop bar and or crosswalk, which leaves the douche stranded in the middle with no where to go but forward. So when the light changes and you are trying to get through the intersection you cannot because genius had to try to get through.... What the fuck is the real difference if you have to wait through 5 more mins for another cycle of lights to go your way.


If you're one of these happy go lucky intersection sexers who has to butt fuck the car infront of them.... stay behind, cuz if I have a decent object to throw at you... I will.



s700m Uploaded 05/18/2009
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