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...I think My muse got caught in an alley with DirtyS and Awful




Seriously... WTF?  I can't seem to write for shit anymore, I have no fucking clue why, and I am not sure what to do about it if anything...


If I had a muse, that bitch took off... or is cheating on me, or is hospitalized with the swine aids.  Not sure, but I have this shitty feeling that no matter what I try to pen out or type up, it will have no feeling behind it...


Usually I have something to inspire me.  Now don't get me wrong, I still have some beautiful gems in my life that are worthy of talking about, but my stupid ass can't seem to get anything flowing... Like a mental tampon is stuck between my cerebellum and medula oblongata... and do not bother correcting my medical inaccuracies or spelling, as I truly do not give a cock.


I can't even bring myself to really read all the blogs anymore... Usually something I read within 5 or 6 blogs (plus comments) will spark an idea, but NADA... nothing comes....


I can barely comment in the features lately, I just have no goddamn mmmmmph...


So what the fuck is wrong?  Is it the time of year?  Is it some weird planetary allignment? Did Dirty And Awful stumble upon my muse while she was in a coked up pukefest in back ally behind a gay bar?  (the gay bar shares an alley with the manly-man bar, by the way...) Did she offer to suck them off and then fall asleep, prompting a complete rape-age and disposal of her filthy stinking ass?


I do not know, and I kinda don't care.  6 months ago I could have written this and made it funny, or even thought provoking, but now, it just comes out as a spewing of nonsensical, stupid, tard-puss and I can only end in a request....


My request is that you comment in the same fashion.  With bullshit.


Anything will do... random words with no ties to each other, poop-related replies, and possibly some math equations....


I am only hoping that something... anything... will prompt a turnover in this shitty feces filled thought-hole of mine, and if anyone can do it, you guys can.  The blogging community of EBW is being called upon to help a brotha out.  Time to come together in a moment of peace and love and understanding in order to help a fellowHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Just kidding, I couldn't say that with a straight face... just get me back on track you motherfuckers, and i say that with the utmost in disrepect...

HunterDad Uploaded 05/22/2009
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