Gay Sex

Being a straight male I'm not that hip on gay terms and culture so I am always hearing about new things from my GF's gay male friend.

I had never heard of 'docking.' Docking is when two uncircumcised guys put their naughty-poles head-to-head and slide one dudes foreskin over the other guy's Jimmy Dean. My assumption, too, is that if you were a spectator on the sideline and got really close and unfocused your eyes you would see a little phantom weenie in between the two actual ones. I haven't tested this theory out.

'Feltching' is another term of which I was ignorant. It is when you eat your own juzz from a dude (or chick's) ass after doing them in the toot. I guess just eating your own spunk from your hand isn't gross enough. The 20-40 times I ate my own goo from my palm it seemed plenty gross to me.

He then explained that in a public restroom, guys will use hand signals and a wide stance under the stalls as a signal that they are looking for anonymous gay sex. Wow! Did not know that.

Last night we all went out as a group and I was getting ready to take a dump in at the club and he was in the restroom as well, checking his hair. He said, "You know those holes in the stall walls?"

I asked if he meant the holes in mens'room stalls where you can stick your junk and they have some sort of mechanical penis cleaner in the other side.

He replied, "Yes... that's exactly what those things are." and immediately sat in the stall next to mine. I guess he had to poop too.

Uploaded 05/22/2009
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