sexual tension in novels, enough of this shit

I think I speak for alot of us, but maybe just me, when I say enough is enough with these teen novels. As a grown man with diverse tastes I shouldn't even be reading this shit, except that I try and read everything especially if its sucessful because I want to know what people are reading. in that spirit I did..*SIGH* read the damn twilight novels. all four of them. It was easyr eading and I blew threw them, but rtestraining myself from pointing out that stephenie meyer doesn't know what the word conflict means, I have a bigger complaint. I am sick and tired of these novels that have layers and layers of sexual tension and no fucking climax. All these teen novels are like this, amelia atwater rhodes pulled the same shit, she was a rgeat writer but somehow having to describe penetration makes her cry. I'm not asking for much, I'm just asking them to stop having a fucking gap in the plot because they don't want to write it. you don't want to write a sex scene? Then don't write a story that implies one asshole. I'm not asking for smut, that's not what I'm reading for, I just want a complete story. we're all adults here, or close enough, and we know jolly well what goes on in there, so what are you protecting us from? What is thier hang up about sex? The fourth twilight novel angered me so much when they fucking skip the sex scene that I hurled it against the wall...oh spoiler by the way. if you ahvent read the fourth twilight book, ignore that sentance up there.

Uploaded 05/23/2009
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