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Hello New bloggers.From an old new blogger.


Hello all.

   I used to write strange blog entrys claiming to have invented zombies,Start stupid fights with who I thought were admin,had realy long run-on sentences,and pushed the idea of bad gramar and anti-caturday.  That was the old matt, but this is the new matt. I will reintroduce myself.  Hello Bloggers I am Matt and I am an asshole who likes writing crazy badly written crap.  With a little humor and more sex appeal than a banana full of condoms I return.

   So How is everyone I noticed someone made a fake me account....  It was that gay puppet blogger from yester year.Kind of sad how little he put into it... How are you guys ? What is the new blog atmosphere like?  Alot of assholes?  I am trying to gauge  if my crazy rants will be welcome. Not that it matters.  I just see alot of the old tyrants are dead.  Haha Cough ahem..


Matt the leader of the zombies..  I mean Yeah I am still that guy..

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