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Stupid PETA activists


Last week I was walking downtown, when I saw a bunch PETA fur activists waving signs that stated

that "fur is murder" and "equal animal rights" or some hippie bull shit...


When I walked past I noticed that three of the girls were wearing UGG boots (which is sheep skin)

and one had a coach tote bag (leather). 


That pissed me off sooooo much, I mean, how fuckin' hypocritical can you be?

I personally don't give a flying shit about animals, Meat is like the best fucking thing that ever

happened to this world, Fuck, I would eat my own cat if I felt like it.


But I mean seriously, if you're going to go out of your way to prove something,

at least TRY to attempt to show that you're actually for it,

and not just look like a fucking douch...   

Vegan/Vegaterianism is nothing more than a popular fad, and it really fucking pisses me off.


 By no means are animal equal to us,  Why?      Because there fucking animals.



-I actually have a  "I <3 landfish"  t-shirt with a pic of my cat on it  XD




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