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The GROUP group


we all got like 100 group group PMs today. It made us feel all sorts of feelings. Some were annoyed, others were laughing. We exchanged banana loaf receipes, we flirted, we showed our .GIF stuff. I myself have reached out to you all and asked for guidance is a difficult period............


But every great thing has its end. It has got to stop. People have been leaving the group group all day. about 30 or 40 users. That group group is epic because the first day it was created users joined it massively. 72 hours later we were more than 300. We all followed the one they now call westside dave a.k.a sexy dave for close ones. There were video montages made to illustrate the epicness of the group group.


One day, Pedobear said: though shall not abuse of the group PM on eBaumsworld.


This is aunt platy

Platypuss Uploaded 06/02/2009
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