Behind The Eight Ball

So I return to work and suddenly this place bursts with excitement. What the shit people?!


From cruising the new-to-me blogs of the past few days, I see mentions of a GROUP group, some shit that went awry with EggOnlyEgg (what the fuck is that about anyway? Did she kill someone or rape a goat or what??), ugDork making a triumphant daily return (sniffing rectal odours apparently), and the foundation-destructing information that Eastside Dave isn't really from the east-side at all!! Next thing you'll tell me the lot of you posted naked pictures of yourselves and didn't tell me about it!!


I feel like that kid in high school who walks into a room and has every conversation going on end at once.  I need answers people! What's a GROUP group?? What's up with Egg? Is Dave just fucking about, 'cause that would really shake me to the core.


And Starkweather.....oooohhhhhh Starkweather. If I find out you were anywhere near Stamos and DIDN'T attempt to force something pointy and rusted through his ocular cavity I will be greatly disappointed.


That's all,

-The Big Bad



Uploaded 06/03/2009
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