Volcomelement34 loves the cock

[11:54pm] pinkcookiecrush: hey sexy bitch

[11:54pm] volcomelement34: hello

[11:55pm] pinkcookiecrush: i want your balls in my mouth

[11:55pm] volcomelement34: seriously

[11:55pm] pinkcookiecrush: yes

[11:55pm] volcomelement34: good

[11:55pm] pinkcookiecrush: why? can you meet me some where

[11:55pm] volcomelement34: where

[11:56pm] pinkcookiecrush: where do you live

[11:56pm] volcomelement34: texas

[11:56pm] pinkcookiecrush: no shit me too

[11:56pm] volcomelement34: where in texas?

[11:56pm] pinkcookiecrush: Dallas

[11:56pm] volcomelement34: oh

[11:56pm] pinkcookiecrush: why

[11:57pm] volcomelement34: Not where i live

[11:57pm] pinkcookiecrush: where do you live

[11:57pm] volcomelement34: beg

[11:57pm] pinkcookiecrush: o baby please tell me

[11:57pm] volcomelement34: tell me what you will do

[11:58pm] pinkcookiecrush: i will let you fuck me in the ass all night long

[11:58pm] volcomelement34: more

[11:58pm] pinkcookiecrush: any thing you want me to do!

[11:59pm] volcomelement34: good ill make you wait till tommorow hehe

[11:59pm] pinkcookiecrush: will you meet me half way if I pay for the room Today

[12:00am] volcomelement34: depends

[12:00am] pinkcookiecrush: on what

[12:00am] volcomelement34: did i mention my age

[12:01am] ?

[12:01am] pinkcookiecrush: it doesnt matter. Im 21 and horny

[12:01am] volcomelement34: 15

[12:02am] pinkcookiecrush: just the way I like them! have you ever had a girl play with your asshole while she sucked your dick?

[12:03am] volcomelement34: no

[12:03am] pinkcookiecrush: you would love it

[12:03am] volcomelement34: see u l8r

[12:04am] pinkcookiecrush: did i say something wrong

[12:04am] volcomelement34: im tired and high

[12:04am] pinkcookiecrush: fine bitch!

[12:04am] volcomelement34: will u wait

[12:05am] pinkcookiecrush: before I cum in your ass?

[12:05am] volcomelement34: your a guy?

[12:05am] pinkcookiecrush: with a big dick!

[12:05am] volcomelement34: oh god

[12:05am] pinkcookiecrush: will you still meet me?

[12:06am] volcomelement34: no! fag

[12:06am] pinkcookiecrush: i love you

[12:06am] volcomelement34: fag

[12:06am] pinkcookiecrush: Suck my cock baby

[12:07am] volcomelement34: screw off

[12:07am] pinkcookiecrush: does that mean no?

[12:07am] volcomelement34: yes r u a jew?

[12:07am] pinkcookiecrush: you probably have a small dick anyways

[12:07am] volcomelement34: nope

[12:08am] 7

[12:08am] pinkcookiecrush: not what wallboy said fag

[12:08am] volcomelement34: thats because wallboy is a basement dwelling crack addict

[12:08am] pinkcookiecrush: can we be friends

[12:08am] volcomelement34: i guess

[12:09am] pinkcookiecrush: fuck buddies?

[12:09am] volcomelement34 is offline

Uploaded 06/06/2009
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