The guy with the POT LEAF ICON is a fuckin douche sandwich.

Hey,  Guy with the pot leaf and "high" icon, you're a fuckin douche sandwich.


I just read like half your blogs and i had suicidal ideations after the first one.  I'm lucky to still be alive after reading that drool you call blogging.  Christ, i know these sites allow for freedom of speech but you're one of those guys who made people think the alien and sedition acts weren't such a bad fucking idea.  Jesus H. Christ III esq.  You need to get a fucking life and stop sitting there writing stuff, because I promise you it is not funny.


You make me jealous of blind people.  You literally make me envious of a person who cannot read because they're life is moderately better than mine because they don't have to be subjected to your inane ramblings and terrible punch lines.  If you're gonna shit on comedians for not being funny you should have to donate your testicles before hand just so we can be assured that no further children will be passed down with your genetic traits.  

I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.


I fucking hate you,




PS:  At least Dane Cook gets pussy you cock gobbler.  You're gayer than 8 guys blowing 9 guys.  (used material from another one of my blogs, WIN!)

Uploaded 06/11/2009
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