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Big Bullshit Night


So tonight I started drinking in a quiet room. My room. My apartment. I pay too much to live in San Francisco and someone always has to ruin this shit.

I share a wall with some dude that designs T's for some bullshit site that you've never heard of. He keeps waking me up in the middle of the night with some fucking terrible garage rock tune. Louie Louie or some other fucking bullshit "I've got long hair because I have no personality" shit.

So tonight I put on Wutang's 36 Chambers and I got shit for turning up the bass. I know I'm an idiot for playing into it, but it's like hanging out with a friend who puts on a video of a hamster running on a wheel and starts masterbating to it. GTFO.

I think I need to move.

PepperPeanut Uploaded 06/12/2009
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