I know you're bored. So I need your help!

Alright, well, I'm a bit of a very amateur photographer, I've just taken up not too long ago. I'm learing a lot as I go and I think(I hope) I'm getting better. I'm not actually a big fan of myself to tell you the truth, I only have a few pictures that I'm genuinely proud of. But that's ok, cause I'm new. I've met several photographers that offer great advice and tips. One such professional photographer has offered me the opportunity to share a booth with him in an arts fair. Seeing as I've never displayed my work before, I also realized that I don't even know which ones I should select to sell. I have a few ideas yes, but this is where maybe some help would be grateful.  

    Have a hop over to the link at the bottem and come tell me what you think my top...five... photos are. Or three, or ten Whatever tickles your fancy. And if you're going to be a dick and call me a lousy photographer, remeber I told you I'm not the biggest fan of myself. I'm really hard on myself, so I most likely agree with you. SO....don't waste your time.

I'm also sorry the other site doesn't label the photos.



Uploaded 06/14/2009
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