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I love to hate...........


I like many of you partake of this lovely lady we call meebo and this BITCH and yes I mean it, keeps slowing everything down to a crawl.  What used to take a second now takes my computer forever just to jump from one blog to another or am I just some horny impatient male? Just like every lady I have ever dated she keeps me waiting. Why do you spend so much time adding things onto something all of us guys just want to tear off in the first place is beyond me. OK you have the power and like I have said before "women have all the pussy and most of the money and your still uptight" and yes meebo you have the money too. Why not strip down to basics and let us get to it a little quicker because us guys do like to get right down to business.


Thanks for reading Bohank

bohankeeton Uploaded 06/16/2009
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