Volcomelement34 still loves the cock

pinkcookiecrush hey baby  11:13pm whatcha doing? Missing me? 11:22pmvolcomelement34 I pissed on your mothers ear 11:22pmpinkcookiecrush she loves that on it or in it? wanna cyber? 11:23pmvolcomelement34 yes I want to tell you abot how much I like to jerk off to black cock 11:23pmpinkcookiecrush that's so hawt tell me more sugar butt 11:23pmvolcomelement34 haha 11:24pmpinkcookiecrush tell me a bedtime story daddy 11:25pmvolcomelement34 I once had sex with a stranger at a wheigh side rest for 37 dollars 11:25pmpinkcookiecrush are you serious?                                                                                                                           11:26pm volcomelement34 yes it was less then I usally get but he was hot and hung like a shetland pony 11:26pmpinkcookiecrush  wow what were you thinking? 11:26pmvolcomelement34 I just always wanted to let a black guy fuck me in the ass nigger 11:27pmpinkcookiecrush oh you're a bad boy you like the black cock don't you? 11:28pmvolcomelement34 I can't stop thinkng about it now 11:28pmpinkcookiecrush that means yes right? 11:28pmvolcomelement34 I just said I loved it you stupid cunt  11:29pmpinkcookiecrush you love the black cock right? 11:29pmvolcomelement34 I didnt think I would but once you relax it feels relly good

Uploaded 06/18/2009
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