Porn Addiction? WTF!?!?!

I have found something too histerical to be true. this happens to be a website for people who are suffering from a porn addiction. This is just histerical. Just imagine your sitting at a meeting with a whole bunch of addicts. You have the crack addict whos shaking waiting for his next fix. You got the alcoholic who stumbles in an hour late smelling like the bar. The gambling addict whos calling his bookie during 15 minute breaks. Then you have the, porn addict. Like wtf? Is he sitting there with a hard on? I just find it amazing.

Like, how do you say "My name is Chris and i have a pornography addiction" without the entire room breaking out into laughter? How do you tell your family or parents? It is histerical on so many levels. The quote on the websites front page that cracks me up is,

"The tools we recommend here have been tried and tested." What kind of tools do you use to cure someone of a porn addiction? What do you make them watch midget down syndrome porn? That would be enough to never want to see anything fuck again. And tools? They probably chop your sack off. Look at a dog before he loses his sack, hell fuck anything vertical.

Something i found histerical and felt it was worthy of writing about on yet another rainy fucking day in new york city.

Uploaded 06/20/2009
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