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So I have been trying to get featured and let me say it is a pretty tough task. I check the front page every 2 hours for a new feture only to be disappointed that it is not me. I have tried to be be the first one to upload a video but somehow someone gets to it before me. I have posted videos that I have not seen on the site. I think that a lot of the videos are worthy of being featured. And would someone care to explain how the staff chooses a feature, do they just go through the last uploaded videos and choose one, I have also noticed that features are usually uploaded two to three days prior to being featured. I am just wondering how they decide what is going to be featured.


*EDIT* Thanks for all the replies, you guys are right I am uploading a lot of stuff that has already been posted, i am going to sticks to just a couple of uploads a day that I think will stand out.

Uploaded 06/25/2009
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