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Micheal jackson died

Is he really dead? I think he went to hang out with


2 pac

Hitler and the ufo under the north pole.

THey better move cause that shits gonna melt.

Or maybe he joined the carnival with the flying midget

And the bearded mermaid.

He looks like he belongs in the carnival.

The noseless white black guy.

Who sang thriller.

I love it when people put on pedistools by our pathetic society die.

lol a pedophile on a pedistool.

lol a dead pedophile on a pedistool.

No really.

Obama is really Jacko Blacko.

The alter ego had to die.

Ask Elvis or Ex vice president Dick.

I have proof.

BatBoy Gave Micheal the coke that gave him a heart attack.

2 pac told him he was too old for that shit.

He did it any way.

I was there.

I shared a 40 with 2 pac and when he takes drinks it shoots out of his abdomen like a fountain.

Elvis took a shit.



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