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Hahaha Why?


So Michael Jackson dies right? Earlier that day Farrah Fawcett was pronounced dead. Nobody cared whatsoever, I mean I know MJ was one of the best musical artists (in the past) but someone else died you know. Plus, if we're going to be having this huge fuss over one person dying and not the other and Michael Jackson is just SOOOO important you ignore everything else, you must not realize about, say, the countless millions that are dying right now everywhere and I mean everywhere of evrything. Car crashes, the war on terror, the economy (yes, suicide). All those things just DISSAPPEAR when MJ dies! think about it and the next time someone says to you, did you hear about MJ!?!?!?!?! Just say yeah, and it's NO BIG DEAL.

Porkulus Uploaded 06/26/2009
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