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Thee worst comebacks and insults EVER!!


This blog is dedicated for all the faggots out there who don't think before they try to insult someone (over the interent...on a blog...on ebaumsworld ROFLOL!) and when they do, it makes someone laugh and say "wow, that was fucking dumb, way to go kid".


Shall we begin?


Tizzle - "go look at the sun u fukn vampire"

Tizzle - "i am always ready to battle blog against someone"

Wonderboy - "Drink Drano"

Tizzle - "did you even bother to do some research shitbag? look at platypus. she looks like a ghost. i swear to god she is really a zombie or some shit. how do you get that pale? did you bleach yourself" 

fat_fuck Uploaded 07/01/2009
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