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MUSIC If I Had Breasts, You'd Make Me Rub Them


Howdy Folks,




I fucking love music.  I love music so hard, that me and music are gonna have interracial children together.  They're gonna be little half italian half music babies that run around and make different notes while they walk.  It'll be like one of those floor pianos from the movie BIG 24 hours a day.


Ok that was a kinda dumb intro, but its friday, so blow me.

So, I don't really have a plan of attack for this blog, I just wanted to get it out there that music is the greatest thing ever created on God's green earth.  I mean, one song can make you cry, one song can make you fall in love, and another song can make you so pumped up that you could knock out Mike Tyson.  I mean, what other medium of expression has that wide range of influence towards the human temperament?


I don't know about you all, but if the opportunity to be the lead singer for a globally recognized band that was touring presented itself right now?  I would do it at the drop of a HAT, and I wouldn't even need to be paid for it!  I mean, that's my shit right there.  If I made music for the rest of my life and got to perform it for people who truly enjoyed it?  That's a life well lived right there, regardless of what else I did.

I'm a fan of all different types of music out there, here's some artists I've been listening to lately (if anyone would like some songs by these guys to increase your knowledge of them, feel free to meebo me or message me):

Kings of Leon

Billy Joel

Allman Brothers

Raul Midon

Gypsy Kings

The Strokes


John Mayer (No homo, this guy plays the blues like nobody's business)

   - John Mayer Trio

Thelonious Monk


If you havent heard of some of these guys, check them out, I think they're great, maybe you will too.  I'd like to request some music opinions on the bands I've listed, music opinions in general, and good band suggestions in the comments sections.  If anyone knows country well I'd like some country suggestions cause I don't know it and I wanna give it an honest chance.


If you're gonna comment about how stupid this blog is, first of all you were warned that this was a ramble and you didn't have to read it, and second of all, fuck you.



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