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Stupid MyspacePeople


I hate how idiots on their myspace take pictures of their little bags of weed and shit cause they wanna act cool .. i think that it would be great if every kid that has weed or any other type of drug on their myspace in a myspace picture with them in it would be great ..yes yes i can see it now all the tough ass kids that are smoking weed cause they think there cool are now in cell 212 with big ol' bubba crying like a little bitch . there really is no need for a blog like this but i just wanted to let everybody how i feel about stupid ass kids with their stupid ass pictures .. matter of fact it would be great if there parents seen it and whooped their ass then put a picture of them whooping the kids ass on the kids myspace .. lmao i think that would be better than the bubba one ..

davee420 Uploaded 07/14/2009
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