duck ass, triflin' ass, nasty ass bitch

it's funny, the reaction you schoolboy bitches have once an alpha male makes a presence on your beloved home, ebaumsworld: the stolen media content home of the world.

i mean, me and this nigga, Lord Infamous, roll way back. ever since grade school. he was one fucked up nigga back then; he would roam the streets dealin drugs and bustin dealers and shit. my future was bright. i had just acheived a 36 on my ACT math, english, and reading portion, with a 35 on science. so, i went to harvard on a full-ride scholarship and studied for a doctoral degree in business adminstration. then i went back to my humble abode and started the finest gym you petty fucks have ever seen. of course, the scent of jacking steel attracted my long-time nigga to this fine institution, and ever since then he's been tearin that shit up. he comes in one day with a Vincenza fur coat that made him look like a goddamn heman, while obviously sexy as fuck because he had 7 worldmodels trailing him this particular day. he comes into the gym and immediately everyone there realizes their mediocre lives look like a shit on the concrete compared to his. he immediately grabs one of the worldmodels (this bitch has been naggin him ever since he walked in for a pity fuck to make her look good) by the throat and kicks her ovaries so hard they fly out her mouth and she lies dead as a doornail on the ground. the rest of the worldmodels almost faint in disbelief at how strong this motherfucker is. their eyes glisten as they stare at his gold, radiant skin, accented by the spotlight i had now placed on him. he goes over and starts off benching 975lbs for reps. all the average assholes in the gym immediately either drop dead because of the angelic aura coming off him, or faint due to the enormity of the steel just jacked right in front of their subpar faces. eventually, after lifting the shit out of every machine i had, he does something unexpected, yet marvelous. he jumps to the floor, on all fours, mind you, and tears off his $200,000 platypus/bengal tiger fur jacket, and all that's left is his wifebeater. he then proceeds to howl so loud the glass cracked. it's ok, though, it was well worth it. all the bitches start gettin fiesty as shit and start clawing like tigers at him, and he goes over and starts doggystylin 3 at one time, right on my goddamn gym floor. the spotlight's still following him, capturing his god-like qualities and vibrant color glistening off his skin, mixed with the purest of sweat. then one bitch tries to touch him, which as i had realized by this point is a total no-no. he picks her up and yells throws her into a bar, impaling her through her tied fallopian tubes. finally, he goes back outside, opens up some expensive cigars, pops one in his mouth, pulls a $300k jacket out, pops that shit on, and rstarts burning out in hislamborghini murcielago. while doing donuts, some more bitches start  taking off their shirts and pants and throwing their undergarments into his window, and he peels off as fast as fuck into the sunset.

this niggas trill, i don't know what the fuck you little assholes think you're doing fuckin with him.

Uploaded 07/16/2009
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