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I have always loved The Wizard Of Oz.The characters were amazing.Sweet dorothy, oh so trusting.The heartless tin man.The brainless scarecrow.The cowardly lion.Then there was the brilliant wizard.They were all fun to watch,but that was fantasy.We are now living it for real.We have a nation, not the whole nation, but at the very least 60 million people all off to see the wizard.They want to see the wizard,because he will give them what they want and they don't even have to work for it.Why would they have to work for something that they already own.They know it belongs to them,because the WIZARD said so.The WIZARD said he was going to return the wealth to the rightful owners,so he must have meant the 60 plus million people that voted for him.So listen up all you poor trusting dorothy's and you bleeding heart tin men and you brainless scarecrows and last but not least all (which is probably the majority) of you cowardly lions.He wasn't talking about you as the rightful owner.The WIZARD was talking about the federal government as the rightful owner.The government now owns banks and car companies.The WIZARD now has his eye on the energy companies,the pharmaceutical companies,the health industry.The saddest thing of all is that the WIZARD already owns you.SEE YA

Intimidate Uploaded 07/23/2009
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