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a ride down the elevator


So after being hungry for a while, I decided to go to the cafeteria for some grub. Ive gotten used to the hospital food now, its not so bad.  The father in law went with, as usual. So the chit chat begins as we enter the elevator.

PBBTT. Great, he's eating his high in fiber diet again. Therefore he farts alot.  So the bomb hasnt hit yet and we stop at the 3rd floor. Mind you, caferteria is on the 1st floor.

Heres an ol granny with and an ol granpy, she backs him into the elevator. Father in law moves from his spot, and allows them into the elevator. BOOM, thats when the shit hit the fan. Couldnt breath, started to wheeze. The next two floors, I try to keep my composure, as ol granny is looking pissed at ol granpy for shitting his drawls, and as she's leaving on the first floor, she stops a worker and ask for directions to the bathroom.

Yep, fun times.

have fun and go hug someone.

hitandrun83 Uploaded 07/28/2009
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