I am just so horny

I just want more people to be open to more fun in life, lets just be buck fuddys like honestly whats the harm in that?

ok trying to get this straight. So since I'm not looking for long term. But want somebody I can spend my one day a week off with going for breakfast/lunch, drive etc. Then what I should be adding to my profile is "looking for FWB". I do have a very healthy sexual appetite but not going to happen on 1st meet (timmies) or even 1st date. Haven't had anyone show interest in my profile so maybe if mention that will get bite. Lately just been me and my "toys". But that another do men feel knowing the women has her own supply of toys. (Yes, I've bought them all myself.) 

You may just be using the wrong labels. FWB (Friends W/Benifits) is different than FB (fvck buddy) FB= not a relationship just sex FWB= a Friend that you do stuff with as friends and occaisionally help each other out in other waysFB- not a relationshipFWB- is a relationship and maybe there is something that makes you think that you shouldn't be a real couple but you really like each other anyway.

Uploaded 08/08/2009
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