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regumund the fucking cat.


There once was a fucking cat and his name was regumund, he was a young british cat who would wear a top hat every day and he loved to drink tea. Regumund even went to sleep with his lovely top hat on but than one day an evil cat who went by the name of basterd man, stole regumund's hat while he was sleeping. Regumund woke up in the morning to find that his top hat had gone missing! Regumund knew that he could not continue his day without his beloved top hat. He looked around where he found a note, it read " If you ever want to see your fucking top hat again than meet me at the ally at ten o clock", Regumund made his way there and waited for bastard man's arrival.


to be fucking continued, bitch.

volcomelement34 Uploaded 08/09/2009
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