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Left handed people.....


I was reading red/bluenote's blog about music and it got me thinking about something I have noticed over the years. I am good at this kind of thing, noticing stuff or being observant and once you get to know me you find that out. OK OK I got off subject but I have noticed over the years that there seems to be a lot of left handed people in the entertainment field. In music off the top of my head I come up with Jimmy Hendrix and Paul McCartney but it goes much deeper in the actors and no I am not saying 90% are left handed but it seems like an inordinate amount of people, pay attention next time you watch a movie or TV. It makes me wonder about the whole left brain right brain thing and if you are more in tune when you are left handed. OK just an observation any thoughts from the peanut gallery?


Thanks for reading Bohank

bohankeeton Uploaded 08/11/2009
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