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Football talk .. GetYoGrillz FUCK YOU!


I'm just saying fuck you to get yo grillz cause you are a dumb fuck .. i clearly said .. *maybe he isnt playing a position he should be* .. i hope you're an eagles fan cause i'm not a fan of them .. i just know they are gonna be complete ass this year .. fucking buckhalter GONE .. westbrook .. probably gonna get injured cause hes a fruit .. McNabb .. Idk if he is a GREAT quarterback or complete ass sometimes .. i'm glad to hear your fucking team you homo so when you read this how bout commentin it .. actually i wouldn't be surprised if you're a fat fuck that had a beer belly and all you do is sip on your SuperSized micky d's drink while eating a big mac .. FUCK YOU FAT ASS .. and fuck you whoever that white kid is who looks like a fucked up reenactment of eminem .. i think his name is pfunk some shit idk..

davee420 Uploaded 08/26/2009
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Tags: fuck you and your mama


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