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Hi. I'm new!


Hello fellow eBloggers!

I'm kinda a newbie at this whole blogging thing, but I thought it would be a kind gesture on my part to write a song for you guys.  You know, just to kinda break the ice so that you guys can get to know me, since I really think Im going to enjoy my time here at the blogging section.

So without further ado, here's my song:


the ebaums bloggers are cool, yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah, theyre cool, theyre cool,

la la la la la la

oh yeah, I hope they like me

theyre cool people yes yes yes they are

theyre cool theyre cool theyre cool

la la la oh yeah oh yeah

the ebaums bloggers are totally cool oh yeah they are

i hope they treat me as one of the family, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

i know theyre totally cool people that are smart and awesome and funny

and I know theyre totally kind and thats why theyre going to be nice to me oh yeah oh yeah

la la la la theyre cool theyre cool oh yeah



iCANsayPOOPtoo Uploaded 08/27/2009
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