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Respect It's Over Rated.


I was happy to get some messages today from,it really doesn't matter who from.I will not talk good about some worthless piece of shit just because he died.Some one went as far as saying that they are beginning to lose respect for intimidate,well let me help you through the process.I sir am a worthless piece of shit and I'm OK with that.I respect my wife,I respect my kids,I respect everyone in my family,but that is as far as it goes.I really don't care about the rest.I ask nothing from no one and I don't want anyone asking me for anything.I have had people that I cared about,but they are dead and gone.When I die some will be glad,but the ones that will miss me will be my family.I too will miss them,but the rest of you,who cares.I mean come on,the majority of you spend your time calling people you don't even know,idiots,dumb ass,stupid fuckers,hypocrites,whores,cocksuckers and many more just like that.So you don't care about anybody but yourselves.DON'T TREAD ON ME!

Intimidate Uploaded 08/31/2009
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