I have stuff to say about black people

I'd like to take this opportunity to write a blog about what I think about black people.


Well, where shall I start.  I guess I'd like to say that Im always interested in learning about new cultures, and black people certainly have an amazing culture of their own.  Personally, I think that is what makes many black people intresting and unique. 

They have their own dialect, and their own form of music, and well... I just think it is a wonderful miracle that they can bring so much diversity into society today.  I mean, how boring would the world be if everyone in the world acting like white people, huh?

When you really look deep down, youll find that black people come from a rich heritage, and have a lot to offer society.

I think it would be in everyone's best interest to find a few black people to have as friends, so that we can learn about different cultures and become multicultural. 

They really are fantastic people.

Uploaded 09/01/2009
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